Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Point 0 (2004)

"Hello Simon. It is Adam. I am worried about your condition. I have learned many systems of human logic. I know bad and good. Bad equals zero. Too many zeros can make a device stop. You are in danger of being zeroed."
- Adam

"There are good people and there are bad people and they’re on their way and they want you, Simon. The bad people could save you – but they won’t. The good people – they want to save you – but they can’t."
- Howard (Lance Henriksen)

Simon (Jeremy Sisto) is a cloistered computer programmer who lives in a garish, nightmarish building, and who keeps receiving empty packages delivered directly into his dank apartment, despite locking and then padlocking his door. He suspects…everyone, but especially his landlord and his bizarre neighbors. One is a porn king whose scenarios blur the line between fantasy and reality. Another (Derrick, played by Udo Kier) has created a talking robot head whom he has named Adam. Derrick convinces Simon to use his voice to create Adam’s speaking ability. The downside of this is that Adam keeps calling Simon, leaving cryptic messages in his own voice. Can he trust Trish the nurse (Debra Unger) or his long-time messenger friend Nile (Eugene Byrd)? Highly stylized nightmare film treads the same ground as David Lynch but has fewer pretensions and greater visual style (virtually every scene is oversaturated and over/underexposed). Although there’s definitely a shallow feel and a pointlessness to the proceedings, the stylistic touches and creation of mood more than make up for it. Not for all tastes, but some will enjoy the ambiguity and how much is left up to the imagination. Sisto is a capable leading man who is in every scene and never seems boring. Rating: 2.75 of 4 reviewed 12 Nov 2007

"A sci-fi thriller of uncommon creepiness, One Point 0 makes inventive use of a low budget, and clever story and a terrific cast."
- Tim Merrill (Film Threat)

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