Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dr Plonk (2007)

In 1907, a clever and eccentric inventor has his calculations thrown off by his careless lab assistant, and, because of this, believes that the world will end in 100 years. He builds a time machine to travel forward, find proof, and warn people in the future. This unique comedy, made in 2007 by Australian director Rolf de Heer, is a meticulous recreation of a silent-era style movie. It combines poignancy, pathos, and slapstick in just the right doses.

The cast stars Nigel Lunghi (a talented street performer) as Dr Plonk, along with Paul Blackwell and Magda Szubankski.Rating: 3 of 4

Note: I was lucky enough to see this film in its third-ever showing at the 2007 Brisbane International Film Festival. After the film, Rolf de Heer patiently fielded questions.

"Rolf de Heer's new film, a silent black & white comedy, is a testament to this great Australian filmmaker's talent, inventivity and versatility - and of course, a love letter to cinema itself."
- Matt Riviera (

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