Monday, January 7, 2008

Nacho Libre (2006)

"P.S. If we didn’t end up taking our vows of celibacy, we could maybe…get married and have a family with some ninos, but, you know, whatever."
- letter from Nacho (Jack Black) to Sister Encarnación (Ana de la Reguera)

An orphan has lived his entire life in a monastery in Mexico, but dreams of being a professional wrestler. Together with another down and out miscreant, he pursues his dream while still trying to simultaneously put food on the table for the orphans and ignore the charms of a beautiful young nun. Quirky, mildly amusing, and semi-original, with a nice soundtrack; the only thing missing are the laughs, and characters or a story that would make you care. It’s an unfortunate choice to have Jack Black keep his shirt off so much, and to make his sidekick (Héctor Jiménez) so unappealing as well. It’s also hard to parody wrestling, which is already a parody. Rating: 2 of 4 reviewed 19 Oct 2007

"High concept still fails without writers filling in the blank spots, and 'Jack Black in wrestling tights' is funny for about as long as the trailer you've already seen."
- Michael Booth (Denver Post)

"It takes some doing to make a Jack Black comedy that doesn't work. But Nacho Libre does it."
- Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)

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