Friday, March 18, 2011

Rubber (2010)

Movie quotes:
"You probably never gave it a moment’s thought, but all great films, without exception, contain an important element of ‘no reason’. And you know why? Because life itself is made up of tons of ‘no reason’."

At a glance:
Rubber twists the crazed killer horror theme by casting a malevolent tire in the lead role

Our review (with spoilers):
A tire awakens in a dump and becomes alive. Starting with baby steps, it soons learns to self-propel. It becomes evident that this tire has only one purpose – to kill everything it encounters. But it also yearns for companionship, and perhaps more – it spares a young woman it initially tried to kill, and instead watches her from a distance.

Also watching is a group of observers – an audience living in the desert, without food or water, who are given high-powered binoculars so they can watch this ‘movie’ as it unfolds. After a full day without food, their minder tosses them a cooked turkey to fight over. Soon, all are dead from food poisoning, except for one wheelchair-bound stalwart who seems wise to the motives of the movie creators.

To say Rubber is an original film would be a vast understatement. Starting slowly, it looks like it will strive for an ‘artsy’ approach. But this supposed ‘homage’ to the ‘no reason’ which is a part of all great films is also a semi-serious horror parody. Never has a movie been more dedicated to being self-aware. Rubber subtly and not-so-subtly takes shots at sheepish audiences, horror films, and actors. It doesn’t say much for your typical action/horror hero when they can be replaced by a steel-belted radial.

Rubber is not hilarious, nor is it perhaps as inciteful as it thinks it is – it’s brimming with self-satisfaction, and seems to be laughing as it tells its joke. But any flaws are amply covered by its exhilarating originality.

Rating: 2.75 of 4

Other reviewers said:
"It's an inventive, silly film when it hits a demented stride, supplying a fascinating blend of bloodshed and ludicrousness, making for a memorable romp with a most improbable killer."
- Brian Orndorf (

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