Thursday, January 1, 2009

Elegy (2008)

Movie quotes:
"Beautiful women are invisible; we're so dazzled by the outside that we never make it inside."
- George O'Hearn (Dennis Hopper)

At a glance:
The gentle, lyrical tale of love between an ageing college professor and his young student is lifted by screenwriter extraordinaire Nicholas Meyer, Isabel Coixet’s direction,  and the performances of Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz

Our review:
David (Ben Kingsley), an ageing, sophisticated college professor enters into a passionate relationship with Consuela (Penelope Cruz), one of his young students. When she wants to make it something more than a fling, he hesitates as the cynic in him sees only failure and differences. It’s a simple story, but it is told with humor, wit, and flair. Ultimately, it’s as much about Consuela as it is about David. Kingsley is fantastic as always, and Cruz is captivating, and, at times, palpably sincere. Dennis Hopper and Patricia Clarkson add depth in important supporting roles. This film is good enough to sneak into the 2008 top ten of some reviewers.  Rating: 3 of 4

Other reviewers said:
"Coixet's gentle hand and Kingsley's elegant voice give the movie a stately equilibrium."
- Sean Means (Salt Lake Tribune)

"What helps the film stand out is the less than melodramatic approach of director Isabel Coixet and the complex performances of Kingsley and Cruz."
- Richard Knight (Windy City Times)

"Elegy is a rare treat: a serious film that, thanks to Kingsley and the rest, doesn't seem to take itself too seriously."
- Bill Goodykoontz (Arizona Republic)

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