Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Matt Farrell (Justin Long): Did you see that?
John McClane (Bruce Willis): Yeah, I saw it. I did it!

Matt Farrell: You just killed a helicopter with a car!
John McClane: I was out of bullets.

Matt Farrell: Oh, great! There goes the cell phone.
John McClane: They knocked the satellites out?
Matt Farrell: No, your battery ran out.

Lucy McClane (Mary Elizabeth Winstead): Listen, will you just take a minute, and just dig deep for a bigger set of balls because you’re gonna need ‘em before we’re through.
Matt Farrell: Wow! I know that tone, it’s just weird hearing it from someone with…hair.

Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant): McClane? I thought I killed you already.
John McClane: I get that sometimes.

At a glance: Bruce Willis returns in glory for the 4th- and perhaps the best – of the Die Hard movies. Over the top action builds to an even more over the top climax as John McClane fights to defeat a cyber-terrorist – and rescue his daughter.

When the FBI gets hacked, the put out a directive to round up the A list of top suspect hackers. John McLaine (Bruce Willis) is interrupted while stalking his daughter to get one of them, Matt Farrell. When a group of heavily armed thugs try to kill Farrell just as McLaine gets there, it’s probably because Farrell knows something about who and why someone is trying to shut down all vital US computer systems. Top-notch action film moves at breakneck speed right from the start to the exhilarating finale, leaving the audience with no time to think about how preposterous most of the movie is; in short, the perfect action movie! Willis was 52 when this was made, but still seems right at home in a very physical setting – and I’m not ashamed to admit I loved his passionate joyous responses whenever he kills a particularly evil bad guy. A personal favorite of mine, Justin Long, who was terribly nerdy as the teen fan of Galaxy Quest, is now 7 years older with facial hair and a disarmingly Keanu Reeves quality – and he’s still great. Timothy Olyphant also does a nice turn as a super-smart and polished terrorist. And Maggie Q is fun to watch. Director Len Wiseman allows his personal fandom of the Die Hard series to influence – and improve – the end product. Rating: 3.5 of 4

"With an infectious laugh when he blows up the bad guys and the power to stay alive no matter what, Bruce Willis' John McClane is a welcome sight back in theaters."
- Kevin A. Ranson (

"It is is about as realistic as a Tom & Jerry cartoon, but then again, this is a Die Hard movie…"
- James O'Ehley (SA Movie & DVD Magazine)

"Hugely enjoyable action flick that delivers likeable characters, a decent plot, plenty of wisecracks and more breathtakingly ridiculous stunts than you'll know what to do with."
- Matthew Turner (ViewLondon)

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